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Cindy Blaski
On January 12, 2015, we lost our home in Bartlett to a fire. Thankfully, no lives were lost, but our house and many precious memories were. There are few words that describe what it feels like to watch your house burn and only have the clothes you’re wearing to take with you. Within a day, Jane Hove, a member of 100+ Women Who Care, contacted me after reading about the fire and shared that 100+ Women Who Care were holding their regularly scheduled meeting that evening to decide who they would support with their financial donations this time around. She was going to submit our family for consideration. The next day I was informed that they had indeed chosen our family to support! We were overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. As the checks began to come in, I couldn’t help but recognize the names of many of the women who were sending them. You see, I have been part of the local business community for almost 30 years and I had served on committees with many of these women. I know them to be the very thing the organization was named for. They are women who truly do care! They don’t just talk about it, they live it! We have been blessed to have been recipients of that care.

Through the help received from 100+ Women Who Care, we have been able to purchase and replenish many of our basic needs, enabling us to get back to the things daily living demands. We will always be grateful to each one of the women who helped us sacrificially through this unexpected and devastating event in our lives. Thank you 100+ Women Who Care, for making a difference in people’s lives.  We intend to Pay it Forward.

Cindy and Gary Blaski

Habitat for Humanity
At Habitat for Humanity our mission is “To serve God by partnering with people everywhere to build homes, communities, and hope.” We can only be successful in our mission through partnerships with people who care and are committed to making a difference in their community. 100 Women Who Care exemplifies that perfectly. They understand the power in getting behind something as a group and the exponential impact a movement of people make. A significant number of the families we partner with at Habitat are single moms. Last year when we were informed of being the selected charity, we immediately designated the donation towards the construction of Juana’s home. Juana is a single mother of two who was also caring for her niece and her father. It was inspiring to receive so many checks together and see the names of the individual women who care deeply about our community. Juana’s enthusiastic appreciation as I shared the news with her was amazing; I found myself choked up and without words as she expressed her thanks, the tears of joy running down her face. That was an empowering moment with life changing implications that your awesome group of women made happen. The world is a much better place through your caring and generosity, thank you 100 Women Who Care!

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Stepping Stones
100+ Women Who Care – Western Suburbs supported Stepping Stones by awarding them their first donation in September of 2013.

Stepping Stones for women of Domestic Violence is a 501(c)3 non-profit that empowers women of domestic violence who have children. This donation goes a long way to help our families with everyday needs such as housing and childcare. We are a small, all volunteer organization that can only continue to assist our families get back on their feet with the generosity of our community.

100+ Women Who Care – Westerm Suburbs is a passionate group of women who want to help the local community and we are blessed to have them in our community.